How to mass delete pending comments in wordpress


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After a long hiatus, I got the time to look at some of my unattended blogs. On one of them I find a huge pile of 850 pending comments (most of them spammy).  As I am always hard pressed for time these days, it felt quite a task to mass delete all these comments in the batches of 20s – the default WordPress allow right now. So I tried to look for some shortcut method for mass deleting my pending comments in one go.

The First Method : The hard one

The first solution I found was at this site. Here an excellent advice to mass delete comments by going into the control panel and running a SQL command in my php admin panel has been explained. Though, this method is very effective, it has some elements of real risk particularly when you have more than one blog in your control panel .As the comments on the post suggest, many users delete the comments for the wrong blog ! Further  this is something that can’t be reversed. Since I have many other blogs on my server, I did not have the time to exactly pinpoint the particular word press database for which I wanted the mass deletion.

The Second & Easy method

Then I came across a super easy method for mass deleting method. A very intelligent fellow has developed a plugin to do this task. It is called ‘Delete pending WordPress comments’ plugin. Just install the plugin and in one go it will safely delete all pending comments from your blog.

It has been a huge time saver for me. Download the plugin here


  1. nice thought. but what if some commentators are actually reading your posts and genuinely leave comments based on what you say? i know it will be a crazy job of editing comments one-by-one if your blog is popular, though.

    greetings from Jakarta 🙂


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