How to find the hidden Google Language Bar in Window 7


This is the problem which I often come across at office. We need to type something in Hindi and the Google Transliteration does not start. I mean a situation when you have already downloaded and installed  the Google Transliteration Tool for Hindi ( ) and still not able to work with this tool.

After the installation, you should normally see a small toolbar on the screen.

toolbar at status bar of window

The problem comes when you see no toolbar in the statusbar. Then not matter what you do to make it appear, it will not come.

Well the solution is quite simple. Actually, the toolbar has been hidden owing to some unknown technical error. Therefore, you only need to make it visible again.

Here is how to do it :-

Go to : Control Panel > Clock, Language and Region > Region and Language > Change Keyboard or other input method > Click on “Change Keyboards..” > Select ‘Language Bar’ > Choose ‘Docked in the Task Bar’ > Click ‘OK’.

Language Bar screenshot

That’s it and the Language Bar will reappear on the taskbar.

I hope this tip will help you in case you face this problem.



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