The best article rewriting software on earth: and it is free!!


The other day I got an email from an internet marketer wherein he recommended about a new article rewriting software. This software was targeted towards those who wants to create content for their website but don’t have the time for writing the new stuff. This software helps them in rewriting an existing article so that it appears unique and get a good ranking in Google. What this particular software does is to give suggestions (by providing synonyms or similar phrase) for every word mentioned in the article so that necessary changes can be made in it. After changing most words of the articles with appropriate similar words, you can get a brand new article.

After the advent of Adsense program from Google, the creation of original content (mainly in the form of articles) has become quite a rage. Since Google is becoming more and more sensitive (and technologically capable) to identify the duplicate content from the original one, the earlier practice of using articles from Article Directories (such as Ezine Articles) as fresh contents for our website is losing it’s effectiveness. If you republish an article in your website there is every possibility that this article will be entered into the supplemental index of Google (which is a less important Google index considered different from main index) and you’lll not get any benefit from it.

The solution of this problem proposed by some clever internet marketers is to use the rewritten version of the article instead of the original one. The strategy lies in rewriting the article with the help of other similar words such as synonyms etc. This way the article become a new one and unique. This increases its possibility of being considered as a fresh & unique article that can get a higher ranking in Google.

In order to save time, many people have invented softwares for rewriting the entire article automatically. It is claimed that you only need to point and click and you’ll instantly get a new article. Some softwares also claimed to be able to create hundred different clones of a single article just by the click of a button. It was also claimed that many people are using these softwares with amazing results.

As I read all this stuff about article rewriting softwares, I decided to try my hand with some of them. I was hoping to get the magical wand that will help my problem of content creation by rewriting thousands of articles that lies dormant in the hard disk of my computer.

Alas ! How wrong I was. My search for the perfect software that can rewrite the articles lead me to a disappointing conclusion. I found that all these Softwares (particularly those recommended by so called Internet Gurus) are a pure waste of time and money.

There are two types of Article Rewriting Softwares in the market. First are those that provide a list of synonyms and similar phrases for the exact words/phrases used in the article. However, as you use them, you’ll find that to choose the synonyms for every single word and to make it as meaningful as the original sentence was, is a very time consuming exercise.

For example see this screenshot. The software used is ˜Wordflood”


Though it is nice to have a readymade list of all the similar words of a particular sentence in an article, is it really the way to rewrite an article? Can we have a perfect rewrite of an article if we just replace the words use in it with their synonyms? There can be only one answer of this question – No. In most of the cases, if you change the words with their synonyms, you will not only change the body of the article but also distort its soul. The whole article will lose it’s meaning. So in all likelihood you’ll have to use your brain to make the article meaningful and unique.

The second types of Article rewriting softwares are those which provide a ˜point & click” interface. You load an article in the software and just by clicking a button; you’ll get a brand new article. No need to select the synonyms or similar phrase. The software does the entire work for you. This type of softwares, though are very fast, have some serious disadvantages. The most glaring one is their tendency to completely distort the meaning of the sentences used in the article and render it ineffective. Just see these two paragraphs generated by one such software Contentwrite Pro which is selling for a price of $97.

This was the original paragraph :

“Many dental insurance companies offer deductibles that can be decided upon. If you can afford to have a higher deductible, you may find that it then becomes more affordable dental insurance. This is one way that you can lower your rates.”

Now after using that software, here is the resultant rewritten paragraph .The words in bold are new replacement made by the software.

“Many dental insurance companies agreement deductibles that can be absolute upon. If you can present to have a senior deductible, you may find that it then becomes more affordable dental insurance. This is one way that you can worse your rates.”

Now tell me would you like to have such a meaningless stuff on your website ? The phrase ˜lower your rate” has completely lost its meaning when we replace it with ˜worse your rates”.

The second big disadvantage of using such ˜point & click” software is that they can not create a really unique article despite their big claims. If you use an entirely automatic software( the one where you load an article, click a button and get a new rewritten article), there is every possibility that this resultant article will also be considered a duplicate one by Google because just like you other persons (using the same software ) may have also created the same resultant article and used it on their websites. There is every possibility of this because free to use articles are available for everybody to use. In other words your precious software will be of no use to you.


Apart from other two reasons, rewriting an existing article is itself a grey area. You are using somebody else idea and giving it your name by tinkering with some words and paragraphs. Read this interesting discussion on digital point on this issue. Secondly, often the resultant product is a crap, with no soul in it.

So what is the solution? Let me tell you what it is.

There is a software which is the most powerful article rewriter on earth. It’ll create the most powerful, accurate and unique rewrite of any article without distorting its soul. Do you know what it is ?

It is your brain.

A human brain’s probable processing power is around 100 teraflops, roughly 100 trillion calculations per second. This is based on factoring the capability of the brain’s 100 billion neurons, each with over 1,000 connections to other neurons, with each connection capable of performing about 200 calculations per second. See source

For the first time, researchers have calculated that the power of a single brain in terms of memory capacity and discovered that it is greater than all the computers ever made. While even the biggest computer has a capacity of around 10,000,000,000,000 bytes (10 to the power of 12), the human brain has a colossal 10 followed by 8,432 noughts, say the scientists who made the calculations in the journal Brain and Mind. Visit source

If you want to rewrite an article without losing its soul and without inviting the risk of any copyright infringement, you must use your brain to rewrite that article. There is no software that can match the power of your brain. A piece of code cannot think. But your brain can. A piece of code can’t distinguish between meaningless and useful stuff but your brain can.

You may say : But I would like to use these Softwares with my brain to rewrite an article. Is it Ok ?

My answer : No. Don’t use these crappy softwares as assistant in rewriting your articles. Use some solid Softwares. One such solid (& absolutely free) software is Wordweb from which is based on Princeton‘s WordNet project and has a huge collection of 150000 root words & 120000 synonym sets.


This small utility software reside in the system tray and whenever you need to find the meaning/ synonym of any word you only need to press Ctl + right click while highlighting that word. Instantly the small windows popup and you can choose the relevant words from the list.


Just use your brain in conjunction with this small free utility and you’lll have a better and unique article with all the possibility of higher ranking in Google.

If I were to rewrite the above-mentioned paragraph (about dental insurance) in my own writing, here is what it’ll become.

This was the original paragraph :

“Many dental insurance companies offer deductibles that can be decided upon. If you can afford to have a higher deductible, you may find that it then becomes more affordable dental insurance. This is one way that you can lower your rates”

This is the new rewritten paragraph with the use of human brain :

“While going for dental insurance you’ll find that many dental insurance companies offer deductibles ( an amount that can be deducted especially for the purposes of calculating income tax) which can be decided upon by negotiation. You can have a more affordable dental insurance if you manage to have a higher deductible. This is one of the ways to lower your income tax. “

As you can see by rewriting the paragraph using my own style, I make it unique while retaining its effectiveness. I even made it more effective by explaining the meaning of term ˜deductibles” in the paragraph. This is something that can be done by a human brain only. No software can do it.

If you think your brain is not capable of writing or rewriting good stuff owing to your lack of proficiency in grammar or the vocabulary, then you should spend some money on a good English grammar book. Learn the language properly by investing your time and energy into it. It’ll be an investment of the lifetime. Don’t buy any useless stuff in the hope of making quick bucks. In the long run it is not going to help you.

Even now if you feel the urge to buy any writing software, you should buy softwares which are used by actual writers and Editors for creating original stuff. For example one excellent software is Stylewriter – the Plain English Editor. This software, though costs $160, is worth the money as it is a really powerful English editing Software meant for professional writers. What Adobe Photoshop is to Graphic Softwares, Stylewriter it to Writing softwares.

In any case, your brain is more powerful than Stylewriter too. Just hone your writing skills, use your brain, take assistant of Wordweb and rewrite your articles. Please remember that all the stuff that you write online is meant for real people not for Google. Even if Google gives you 1000 visitors what would these visitors do on your website if they find crappy stuff ? Don’t distort the soul of web’s content. First of all try to create original, unique and interesting article by using your brain. If creating original articles in not possible, rewrite already existing articles but again – use your brain. Make articles more interesting and powerful by rewriting them. Don’t distort their soul by using any rewriting software. They are a waste of money.


  1. I had no idea such software existed. English is so complex, it would be hard to imagine how it could work……so thanks for testing it out and letting us know it doesn’t. Does explain some ‘articles’ I have seen and wondered if they had a human behind them.

  2. Hi Indian Blogger.I am weak in english.I cant rewrite.I am a handicapped person of 32 years old.I want to earn from home.Could you please tell me on how I will write?I will wait for your answer.
    Thanking you.

  3. Amit You can’t rewrite but surely you can write. And that’s all is required. On the world of internet anybody and everybody who can read, research and write, he can earn from his own. It’s as simple.

  4. Dear Eklavya,
    I’m very pleased with your article. I used Wordflood for 14 days (free) and I recognize the points you wrote about. My english is poor (I live in the Netherlands) but I try to make the best of it. So, your suggestion about WordwebPro, Stylewriter and using my free brains make me happy.
    Thanking you,

  5. Thanks Rosa. This has been one of the most popular article of my blog as it touches a core problem being faced by many webmasters/bloggers these days – the problem of generating unique & interesting content for their sites/blogs. I hope that points raised by me will be useful for bloggers/webmasters.

  6. What an eye opener. Just like you, I have tons of PLR articles sitting on my computer and was looking for a software that can rewrite these articles to use on my websites. I’ve tried couple, but as you can tell, I wasn’t happy with the results, so I kept looking and ran into this post!

    Thanks for the great post and I’ll start working on my own software(my brain)from now on.:)

  7. Thank you for the interesting articles. I have been searching and trying to find a articles writing software but all the software I have tried haven’t satisfied me. I keep searching for it and it leads me to your articles. Thank for the good information. Now I know what I should do and I don’t look for articles rewriting software any

  8. Thank you for a very nice article. I am located in the US and guess I tend to take the English language for granted. I use thesaurus software to find synonyms and then simply adjust the words around them to make sense. Of course some synonyms are a better match than others and most of the rewriting software is unable to make that distinction so you end up with some pretty strange gibberish. But as others have stated, there is no substitute for the human brain! 🙂

  9. I’ve just faltered abreast your think piece and must say I’m appositely instiled with the content. If it wasn’t for a nonfictional prose such as this.
    I’d be well stumped and wouldn’t have a clue what to write :p

  10. Hai,
    You have written this article only to give this stupid suggestion…?
    “…spend some money on a good English grammar book. Learn the language properly by investing your time and energy into it. It’ll be an investment of the lifetime…”
    Please stop your advice and don’t create an article if you don’t have an idea. Everyone is not that expert in English. (See my English. What is wrong if I search for a software help?) Doubtlessly many people are in need of a rewriter software. If 90% jobs were done by the software, the final touch can be given using our brain. That’s ok.
    Few days before I read in a forum. Someone had suggested to use the Google Translator to create new unique articles. Translate to Russian and again to English. As the Russian grammar rules are similar to English, the idea works well without much trouble. Try this.

    • Dear Shariff,

      You are free to consider my suggestion as Stupid or worthless. However, what I wrote has stemmed from personal experience of trying all these ‘Stupid Softwares’ which you are very fond of. I have also tried the Google translation tool with the Russian trick. All I can say is that Google translation tool is the next best thing after human brain. Still I found that at many places it makes a complete mess of the original article. And even if you want to use this, just ask an honest question to yourself : “Do you really need even Google translation tool’ when you can easily do little modification in the article by yourself.

      Probably you are in a hurry my friend. A hurry to make as much money as possible in the least time possible. I wish you success but please take care that in your rush to rewrite articles by dozens you don’t degrade the quality of the web.

    • Sharrif, your an idiot and don’t know what you’re talking about, sorry if Eklavya totally killed your buzz and shatterd your only hope on writing aricles since you see to be so dumb.
      On another note I too am a little bit lazy when it come to writing and re-writing of articles for my niche websites and also was on the search for something quick and easy and stumbled across this and respect your honest opinion and the fact you weren’t trying to sell us anything after that long article.
      You have saved me money from trying out any softawre and I will stick to what I’m currently doing now, which is outsourcing my copywrite writer to write me out my original and quality content, I suggest people who are as lazy as me do the same.

    • SHARIFF…
      You have no moral authority to call such Golden piece of advice that has just saved me my precious time and money “stupid suggestion”.
      I think you landed on this page searching for a solution like all of us but unfortunately you did not find anything to spend your money on. You have the ears to hear but you did not hear, you have the eyes to see but you did not see.
      My advice look elsewhere not here.
      I am happy about this blog and i will add it to my list of Most Trusted Websites. I spend my entire last night on a forum reading through over 700 comments about this stupid softwares but only one person mentioned about quality content and you will all be surprised he is one of the owners of this programs featured in this blog. He emphasized the need for your brain to get quality content.He was actually against all those who claim that their softwares can churn out 50 articles within 5 secs as he says that is not possible and if it exists then whatever articles that such software spins out is pure gibberish. Can you imagine this is from someone selling this kind of software?????
      I wonder if I am allowed to post the discussions link here, but i will do it so that everyone to can see SHARRIF’s caliber and their quick rich schemes.
      Checkout the link below for more about spinners/rewriters.
      I think, create and you own it. That is what I do for a living. Basically Virtual Flipping of deas.

  11. Great article, I was researching these tools for a client, but had reservations which you have confirmed.

    But, using the brain and a thesaurus does take lots of time, so many will still opt for the button push tools.

    I do hope, as you say, all the generated stuff can be identified and barred by Google et al – if not today then – in the future.



  12. I think the write up is very informative.

    I don’t know if I will use it, but one thing is for sure atleast I know what many people do when they write articles.


  13. What an awsome post about a very challenging subject. I have been looking all day for tools to help with articles. I didn’t mind putting the work in but I just wanted to make sure I was making it easier for myself.

    I recently got subscribed to the articlewizard software and if I had seen this first I could of saved money and got better results.

    The article search feature does not get results most of the time and probably nowhere near as good as finding articles manually and using your methods.

    Awsome work, thank you.

  14. Hi eklayva, as a computer englineer and programmer and also an internet marketer, i certainly don’t agree with your article, it is possible to make such a software, however don’t ever expect it to be a commercial software, you can make millions if you own such a piece of software, the possibilities are endless, a few people in the world may already own their custom made “extreme rewriters”, i do believe that a software will never replace the human brain, but i also believe that the human brain is capable of creating such a software, from a programmer point of view, i have been thinking about the perfect rewriting software for a few years, i won’t give details, but i would say result which is atleast 90-95% human friendly and readable is possible. and in the internet it’s not even about how good is your article, the goal is just to produce something friendly and readable and in the same time unique (escape the duplicate content filter).

    • As far as I know, the best article rewriter on earth after human brain is Google’s translation tool. However, it has its own limitation. With all due respect to your opinion, I think that unless human brain develops a machine that can think ’emotionally’ a perfect rewriter is not possible. Emotion is the factor that ensures that the soul of the article remain intact.

      • Hi, well 🙂 as i said it’s not about what you know, never ever expect a software like this to be a commercial software, and you would have to think like a programmer to understand that it’s possible, it is a challenge but we the right people on your side (2 or 3 programmers, 1 statistics engineer and 1 or 2 english professiors), you can make something very close to perfection, a normal person may think its impossible, but as a programmer what u describe as emotion i call it “patterns” and with the help of a statistics engineer and english professors, we can recognize the patterns, structures, emotions and make suitable replacements for each of them, the human brain already developped human machines that can think ‘emotionally’ it’s called Artificial intelligence, and the technology and science has been arround since many decades, to sum it up, a rewriter very close to perfection is definitely possible, but not within the commercial grade.
        Kind regards

  15. A wonderful article i must say, you gave a detailed explanation of all the fag of article rewriting softwares. infact keep it up.

    However i am new to blogging and i see your site is good. i’d like to learn how improve my site like yours. Inserting vidoes, animations at the side bar etc.

    Kindly waiting for your reply

  16. Absolutely amazing article! Prior to performing the search that lead me to this blog post, I had just received an email promoting a new article writing software that does almost the exact same thing and costs $67. I almost bought immediately, but decided to perform a search for similar products in hopes of finding a cheaper program. I never expected to find a free program. Thanks for posting this helpful article. It’s the kind of content both GOOGLE and PEOPLE like.

  17. Hi, thanks, for your article. It says what I am thinking as well. I came here from google search, and maybe you can help. I am looking for some free software where I can have on one side original text and on other side my rewriting, to allow me to see both of them simultaneously. Moreover they have to have spell-checker. I can’t find any. Do you know something like that? Thanks upfront for info.

  18. Hi,
    I loved the article. You made a clear differentiation between re-writing as done by a software, and by the human mind. It is very important for this distinction to be understood by anyone who intends to get into content re-writing as a profession.
    I have been a content researcher and re-writer for some years, and still find it amazing that people do not understand this subtle difference.
    Once again, well written, and thank you for heling out so many others.

  19. gud work man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really appreciate ur effort…i want to start working as a re writer n found ur article worth millions…seriously!! Thumbs up 🙂

  20. WOW, that is indeed a good and very explicit info about article writing software..i spend 6 minutes in your blog…well, keep now i am going to purchase any software that related to writing etc.

  21. This is an interesting thread. I have actually developed a free article rewriting tool which allows you to rewrite existing articles with ease such as PLR.You still have to do the writing but what it does is simplifies the process. It removes the headache of having to read, digest and rewrite a whole article therefore removing a lot of the thinking involved. Any of you are free to give it a go. It doesn’t cost anything and your articles will pass copyscape 100% every time. It’s called easy article rewriter.

  22. guy:
    this is very ingenenious text on article writting. right now i received a promotion on the mass article contol. I agree that best article writting tool is ur brain. best article writting software can not beat the brain.moreover the machine writting article have no soul and will be perceived by reader.
    be careful with the software!

  23. Right on the button!

    I’m in a situation right now. see, my boss wants me to rewrite a single copy to produce 532 unique articles! WOW!

    the worst thing is that I’m a programmer! I like to program rather than rewrite an article! but anyway i accepted it for experience sake and for money.

    GOD HELP ME. and all the tools out there.

  24. I believe you have hit the nail on the head about article-rewriters. They are too hard to use, screw up the meaning of the sense of your articles, and are basically useless. Just use your brain, pare the articles down, restructure the sentences, use new words and give new titles. Probably can do that faster than you can using the rewriting software, anyway!

    Everyone wants to get by without working at it. But the bottom line is: you have to work at this or you will get nowhere!

    Hey! Can I rewrite this article? (LOL!!!)

    thanks for a good read! 🙂

  25. very true and useful post about writing. I tried several software programs and was extremely disappointed as they were useless and a pure waste of time in my view.
    In the end you are better off to do it yourself – as with all things in life.

  26. Very insightful article. You hit the core of the problem of article writing. I admire your honesty and that you took your time to compare and write about your findings.
    I’ll recommend your article in my blog.
    Thank you so much 🙂

  27. wow!
    One of the best reports i got about article re-writing. I was skeptical about the idea of a software re-writing articles. Softwares can’t think!

    Thanks for your effort to present such detailed report that helps us know the basics of article re-writing.

  28. I would say this is a Golden piece of advice.If 52 out of 53 readers have approved the article then who am I to say no? It is worthy and I will always come back to this blog for more soul food.
    How do we link up on twitter?

  29. Am very happy to come across this post,it realy end my search for the best article rewriter software.You are absolutely right there is no sorftware that can think like our brain.With my brain sky is the starting point.Thanks a lot for the fact.

  30. Hi
    Great software,so true, i’ve tried several softwares to rewrite articles and the best one so far is Easy Rewritter 1.7 to find word synonims, and more options.

  31. I’m really glad to have come across this post. like everyone else here, i was looking for a software that could rewrite articles for me.. didn’t know i have the software all along.. 🙂

    thank you for turning the lights on for me.. more power!

  32. AWESOME Post. I have had the same problem with all these so called article rewrite softwares. They are junk. I have not had one that worked out well. Sir this was a great POST!!

  33. Thanks for the post, I had been looking in to article rewriting software and I admit I had a similar view. Although the methed of writing and thinking takes longer than a single click I do agree and from a few small tests I did using some free trials, 1 quality article on a high traffic website (like ezine articles) will bring you much better results than a sloppy written article placed on a site simply for the backlinks.

    I took the attitude that when people read your article they are trying to resolve a problem, they dont care how well your sales are doing, yet pleasing these people is your goal to funnel them down to click the links to make you sales (and of course increasing google ranks)

    Waffle over good luck eveyone and I am now going to take a look at this tool

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!

  34. Great article. Wondering if there is any software that will detect copies of your original that are posted on the web? You work your tail off producing an article and someone steals it and reworks it either using a software or manually. Can any software spot these (in the case of the manual re-writing, can it spot the same structure in both articles)?

  35. I’m confuse dwhen I went on to the site it says to download a free trial of the software and I see no page form where I can buy it.Now when trial is over I won be able to use it also downloading and installing it again wont work.


    • Dear Soni,

      Before drawing conclusions, kindly read the site of stylewriter again It has been clearly written there that software comes only through a CD. You’ll need to order first and then get a digital trial download. Once you get the CD at home, you can register the trial version with the serial number. Simple. Isn’t it ?

  36. I appreciate your honesty. The Brain needs the mental exercise. Many of us are relying to much on technology as you say, but it is time to energize our brain cells.

    Many Thanks

  37. Thanks very much. I had the same problem with so much plr articles in my hard disk. I was hoping to get a good article rewriting software. it was my search that took me to your article on this site.

    I realy enjoyed the information, it is very educative and an eye opener. It has saved me from more time wasting searching for article rewriting software.

    Also, thanks for introducing a better software, though inferior to the brain.

    You did a nice job.

  38. Hi was just searching for article rewriter software and landed on to your blog. I accepted to your fact that there is no other codes that’s going to work better than our human brains. But in my case i dont i have that have that much time to spend upon.

  39. I totally agree with you. What’s the point in saving time rewriting articles if your whole online reputation and moral is jeopardized. One “funny” thing though. In the opening of the article you have a big Google ad, which very much resembles a recommendation from you. It advertises a rewriting tool. I clicked it and was somewhat confused when reading the copy, because this didn’t look like the best article rewriting software and it was not free! But anyway.. you got your adsense income from that one.

    • Ha ha ha ! LMAO !
      Dear Lars,

      Yes you are right.The ad is just an ad from Google Adsense program and I have no control whatsoever for it. I don’t recommend the softwares for rewriting articles. They are just ads to get some adsense… you know what I mean 🙂

  40. I agree there’s no such software can replace human brain.

    Now i reveal my BIG secret.

    I manage to tweak my microsoft words grammar and thesaurus function capability and add a few macro commands on my own and WALLA…i have 100 times better than those software.

    • Jall, would you be so kind as to share a few of the macros that you use. I think you have a great idea there!

  41. Hello theindianblogger,

    Thanks for this article and its links. I now have wordweb and stylewriter. With my brain, I can write numerous articles that people and search engine will love.

    I have hundreds of PLR in my hard drive. Now, I can make use of them according to my own style and soul.

    StyleWriter is really good because it gives metrics of style in writing, etc…

    Yeah, thanks so much for your content rewriter article.


  42. This is a unique blog post in that it is truthful and very well written.

    I takr my hat off to you. Most people are looking for shortcuts and they just don’t exist.

    yes, it is possible to rewrite much quicker with tools (such as the ones I developed) but you absolutely must use you brain.

    It’s a no brainer…..

    Thanks for the refreshing article


  43. Being in the business of rewriting articles, we always get stuff to try, even if we don’t use them, we only use human writers, and I say this because, and I quote “A piece of code cannot think”. But if you want to use a program that can really help you with your writing, then by far WordWeb is the best free software of this kind out there.

  44. Thanks a lot to myself because I searched google and fortunately clicked this link first. This saved my whole night.
    Dear friends, if you try to search a software that rewrites an article keeping it’s meaning intact, then you will find a lot. You will try each of them and at last none of them will work. But it will take at least One Month from your valuable time.
    Now just think, if you try one month, you can write/re-write at least 10 article that will be meaningful and your readers will read it without hesitation. Yes, you must use dictionary software for it. But when rewriting, please try to add something extra. Otherwise nobody will give value to you and your article. As an example, I am just re-writing what SARIF said brutally.

    You have written this article only to give this stupid suggestion…?
    “…spend some money on a good English grammar book. Learn the language properly by investing your time and energy into it. It’ll be an investment of the lifetime…”
    Please stop your advice and don’t create an article if you don’t have an idea. Everyone is not that expert in English. (See my English. What is wrong if I search for a software help?) Doubtlessly many people are in need of a rewriter software. If 90% jobs were done by the software, the final touch can be given using our brain. That’s ok.
    Few days before I read in a forum. Someone had suggested to use the Google Translator to create new unique articles. Translate to Russian and again to English. As the Russian grammar rules are similar to English, the idea works well without much trouble. Try this.
    Now after rewriting, (just in 10 Mins)

    I don’t think that your article and suggestion is much useful. You suggested to buy a English grammar and invest time and energy to learn the language (English) and then write or re-write article. But everyone in the world can not be an expert in English. Even I can write English properly (open for your review) but why I can not use a software for my work? If the software can do the job 90% then it is easy to give a final human touch on the output of the re-writer software.
    I read in a forum before few days that Google Translator can be used to create unique article. If I translate an English article to Russian and then again translate from Russian to English, it works without much trouble. I think you should try this.

    Friends, kindly post your comment on this re-writing and if there is any software that can do this job, kindly post that also.

  45. Its a great software, now I can save time in writing different articles on one topic, this software helps me in saving my time to post articles in many more article directories…

  46. Just use your brain, pare the articles down, restructure the sentences, use new words and give new titles. Probably can do that faster than you can using the rewriting software, anyway!

  47. you’re absolutely right on target with this post! the human brain can do the job of artilce rewriting better than any software created. The latter can be good for support, but the actual meat – the content – can only become a unique written masterpiece, if handled by your own brain.

  48. Hi very nice article. I am working on different sites but facing a problem of low time for rewriting articles. today i try to search some kind of software through which i can solve this problem but after reading your article I decided that it will be only a time wastage. I am totally agree with you that little piece of code can not compete with original brain.

  49. I agree with you that there is NO replacement for Human Brain but… rewriting every article manually is waste of time. It is not a viable solution for quick cash earners.

  50. Rewriting using the brain is fine, if you have the time. As is spell checking by hand. If you are like most of us though, you need some help. You should try SpinRobot. There’s even a free trial. It is the closest thing to a human rewriter you’ll ever see.

  51. Brilliant article and terrific resource – I’m sure I’ll get good use out of it 🙂

    Soni (above) appears not to be very bright – pun intended.

    Just look on the main page, and you’ll see reference to the Pro (paid) version 2 or 3 times at least, and the unobtrusive “buy” button at the top right of the page (and I believe in the middle of the main page, too) – short memory… sorry, but at least I’m bright enough to look around and saw what I saw.

    Anyway, thanks for the info and product recommendation 🙂

  52. I just had to look – SpinRobot does seem to do a pretty decent job too. Another very fine tool is by the Buzz boys, Calvin and Jonathan. I’m sorry, but I can only remember the first word of the name of the desktop software “Infinity” – if you do a search on Google, I’m sure you’ll find it. I’ll look around, too, and if I find it, I will post here again. I understand v.4 is coming out soon.

  53. You hit the nail on the head. Its absolutely impossible to write a sensible article using any kind of software. I have come across many articles even in some of the better known sites which I believe have been written with the help of software and they sound like gibberish. I have submitted hundreds of articles but unfortunately the company I’m writing them for has the copyrights and therefore I can never use my name. I also have about 10 articles in Ezine, but don’t have time to submit to them any more. Enjoyed reading your articles which was so full of sense. Thanks a lot.

  54. Nice Article. Human brain is the best rewriter. I believe that with the help of artificial intelligence, article rewriting process will become more natural and meaningful.

  55. thanks for the insightful message i was desperate to buy one of this software and use it for my plr articles but with what i have got from your message i now have a re-think and am thankful i came across your article, i won’t hesitate to recommend this site

  56. Hello,

    I was looking for article writing software and you have let me know that it does not exist. Too bad…I would have like to save some time but it seems the quality will be very poor if I use it.

    Thank you for the information.

  57. Thank God. I just find you on the right time. I spent money to hire an outsource article writing in the pass, they did good at first after that all were crap. Therefore I am thinking to write article myself. Yes, my grammar is not perfect so I am looking for 1 grammar book too.
    Thank you for this great post.

  58. Thanks for sharing, I just came very close to buying one of those softwares. However, I wasn’t 100% convinced they are all that…..which was why I stumbled on your site. I think my brain and the WordWeb Pro will do execellently! Thanks again….

  59. You have once again demonstrated that there is no “magic bullet” solution when it comes to rewriting articles. As with everything, you have to do some work to get the best results- the trick is to make that amount as little as possible.
    I have an article rewriting package in which you have to rewrite each paragraph three times, then add your synonyms, and also nominate one or two paragraphs to be included or not.
    Do the maths as to how many unique articles you can get as the software randomly chooses which rewritten paragraph to use, and which synonyms to use within those paragraphs.
    You can be sure that each article will make sense, as you originally rewrote it yourself.
    This is the closest thing I’ve found to generating hundreds of articles, and yet you still have to do a bit of work.
    I won’t tell you what it is, so I will not be accused of spamming this blog for profit.

  60. Some softwares work well but I think this is the best article I’ve read on effective article writing And rewriting. Excellent work!

  61. It is true that articles rewriting software is a waste of time it doesn’t give a desired result. Rewriting the article with your brain is the best because of 2 reasons.. 1 the article will have soul in it as you mentioned earlier and 2nd you get to learn from and expand your knowledge on any product which will definitely help you later.

  62. man you ROCK!!! thanks a zillion. u just saved me some cash that would have been a waste. i just have to squeeze some time to serve my online interest. man, i like your personality. good luck to you

  63. Thanks for sharing this! It’s great info. I was feeling quite skeptical about the rest after trying out Wordflood – uninstalled it almost immediately. The thing about these software is there aren’t many genuine reviews on them.

    And thanks for recommending the other two software, really saved me some research time.

  64. I would agree with many of the comments made here. At the end of the day if you are just wanting to re-write PLR articles then the amount of time spent using your brain to do this might well be less than going the automated method. The brain method also produces more unique content which is always going to be in your favour. Most of the time in life you only get out what you put in….

  65. bro you are right after 390 hours of continue researching on google i just stoped afer reading your post .thanks for taking me back in normal situation , i was so wired while searching about article auto writers and make some quick money.

  66. Very good article, I was wondering if there was a nearly perfect software to rewrite articles but after seeing some results from different ones I thought already like you, the human brain is (for now) unbeatable.

  67. I am not also that in favor in spinning articles. As an original content writer, it is still considered stealing. It is very unacceptable and very senseless. Google should also be very sensitive with these types of articles. If these software developers can recreate an article, Google can surely detect it. Hope Google will take an action about it.

  68. Rich and very informative write up, coming when most needed. I was almost going for one of them before I stumbled on your site. I agreed with you that for now no article rewriting software can do exactly what the brain could do. Thanks for saving my hard earned income.

  69. Thanks for an informative article – just what I was needing to encourage me to use the stuff between my ears. I suppose my own genuine content will pay rewards in time.

  70. Thanks your words are so true I came to your site whilst looking for a free article writer and believe you to be right there is no computer like a neck top computer.
    CHEERS to you

  71. Thank you for:

    #1 making me smile today
    #2 keeping me on the right track b/c you know I ended up here by doing a google search for rewriting articles 🙂
    #3 encouraging me to use my brain!
    Great post, I was engaged until the very end.

  72. You said it well – clear and crisp. If the idea is to merely alter original words with synonyms without regard to syntax, overall message and emotion that went with writing , no rewriting software will work. These tools are unthinking and unfeeling. I tried one once and, horror of horrors, the rewitten article was the most impersonal editing I had seen.
    Thanks for your thoughts. You have my vote.

  73. wow. really clever way to advertise for the products you mention. I mean REALLY clever…. I almost fell for it. Kudos for the cleverness. I must think of a way to use this type of article when promoting my product.. (without coming across as actually promoting it)

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  76. I know I am late to comment but…..
    I am amazed by your knowledge and deep insight into Neurology (joking…). But seriously, after completely learning from your article, its obvious that these softwares are not required.

    Hats off!!

  77. Do you know that this is stealing and that many authors will rewrite things tailored to your needs or audience? Sometime try asking an author to do that.ड़्

  78. The best advice, I have been pulling my hair out to find something – I tried some free software, only to let them load viruses.

    thanx a lot 🙂


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