A phenomenon known as Rajnikanth



He is the highest paid actor of Asia.

According to recent reports he has charged Rs. 35 Crore for ‘Sivaji-the Boss’- his latest movie which released this Friday in 27 countries. This is enough to give a complex to fair skinned Bollywood heroes who can only wish if they too had dark skin and a bald head.

As per a report of NDTV, on it’s first opening day the tickets of this movie have been sold for a whooping …..Rs. 3500/- per ticket !!

For the coming two weeks all theatre (showing this movie) in Chennai are booked to their full capacity.

During the CM days of Jayalalitha, she used to travel with a lot of fanfare resulting into great difficulty to other neighbors of her area who have to wait till her cavalcade passed. Rajnikanth (who was and still is a neighbor of Jayalalitha) requested her to be a little disciplined in her travel activities. But his request was ignored by the CM. So one day when the CM was going outside, Rajnikanth came in his car and move outside. That’s all. He just came out of his car. And that day the entire city stopped. He was surrounded by an ocean of people resulting into a huge traffic jams which stopped even the CM.

Simply Rajinikanth is a phenomenon in South India.

The other day I was talking with my south Indian colleagues who were planning to watch ‘Sivaji’ this weekend. When I asked them what makes ‘Rajnikanth’ such a huge phenomena, they said, “You have to born in Tamilnadu to understand Rajni Psychology!”

My Tamil Boss said, “ I considered him as the wonder of the world. He is the favorite actor of three generations of Tamilians – something not even achieved by Big B.” .He went on to say “ My father was a Rajnikanth fan, I am his fan and my 5 year old son too is his big fan.”

“When I was in Chennai, I never watched his movies in the first week” He said.

I asked “why ?”

“Because, it was simple impossible to hear the dialogues in the theatre. The entire theatre was full of noise & whistle of his fans.”

My boss told me how good a human being Rajnikanth was. How much he helps the poor and gives a huge part of earning to charities.

Now some quick facts about Rajnikanth

(1) His real name is Shivaji Rao Gaekwad (yes ! believe it or not he is not a Tamil by birth !)

(2) He initially started out as a Villain !

(3) His dark skin and heavy-lidded eyes have made him the hero of the lower classes. His fans conduct poojas on huge cutouts of Rajnikant just before the launching of his films to ensure his success. His fans collect opening day ticket stubs of his movies and even buy them at exorbitant prices. Directors cannot ‘kill off’ his character in the movie for fear that the theatre will be burnt down to prevent future runnings of the movie by his ‘crazed’ fans who consider him almost a god.
(4) A majority of his movies are a remake of Amitabh Hits.

When asked about his comparison with Amitabh Bachchan, Rajnikanth modestly said,” I am just a king and Amitabh Bachchan is an emperor. It is not proper to compare a king with an emperor. Amit ji has been my inspiration. “

No matter what Rajnikanth thought of himself, for his fans , he is a God and surely a bigger actor a then Big B.
When I asked my boss whether he would like to buy a Rs 150/ Ticket in PVR (in Delhi) to watch ‘Sivaji’ he said, “For Rajnikanth I am prepare to buy a ticket for Rs. 500 !”

This is Rajnikanth (same as above) but without makeup

Truly , incredible !!


  1. Everybody knows that rajnis is really old and its make up on the movies that make him look young like he did back in the days! It’s no suprise dude, he is still the one and only Super star!


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