Why there are no organized guest blogging services?


People often ask:
Can’t there be a possibility of all 3rd party bloggers accepting guest blogs with do follow backlinks by establishing a structure where we forward them the blog post, monitor and publish them if deemed fit?

Just like some of the photo submission sites that have moderators and we need to edit the images in photoshop.

Here is my answer :

Websites offering guest blogging as a service is no longer a feasible business model since the time Google penalized such websites. There was a website by the name BuildMyRank.com which got severely penalized in 2012. (Google it to know more). That was the end of guest blogging services created for the sole purpose of getting backlink.

However, guest blogging as a genuine means to provide incredible value to a particular niche audience on a platform you don’t own is still relevant and one of the best source of getting backlinks. However, as Michael Martinez pointed out, it is now less organized and systematic. There are a number of websites who do not support guest post – at least publicly. But if you approach them properly with some content ideas and follow up patiently, they often get agree to publish the article. This is a lengthy and time consuming process. But, just like in life, every valuable thing has a cost attached to it- be it time or money.

If you are ready to bring value to the table, if you are ready to contribute an article which is expected to enhance the overall quality of your target website, then you can still find plenty of suitable websites. It is a big ocean, there are plenty of fishes.

I hope you get the answer 🙂


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