MTS Mblaze Wi-fi set up problem : How to solve it?


A few days ago, I purchased MTS Mblaze wifi dongle to supplement my present connection (of MTNL) which often became unreliable.

MTS MBlaze Ultra Wi-fi

After activating the Mblaze dongle, I found myself utterly confused by a problem which was this:-

(1) The Mblaze connection was working on my Laptop as USB host i.e. when I physically inserted the dongle in my laptop’s USB slot. However, when I connected the dongle to a power switch and tried to run the connection on laptop through WiFi, it did not work.

(2) The irony was that two of my smart phone (both android) were easily¬† able to connect with the MBlaze Wifi. However, on the laptop, the wifi was not working. It was getting connected but I was getting a ‘No Internet Access’ message.

So this is what I did to solve this problem:

(1) First of all , I contacted the MTS Customer Care in the hope to get a quick solution. However, the guy at the Customer Care could only advised me to reset my Dongle and see if it worked or not. Another advise of him was to stop all other connections running on the Mblaze Wifi (i.e. my android devices and access the WiFi through Laptop only. However, all the suggestions by him just did not work.

(2) Since no real help was coming from MTS Customer Care, I thought that perhaps the problem was something else. May be it is a laptop centric problem. So I googled and googled.

(3) Then I found that actually my laptop (which has a Windows 7 Home Premium) was not able to recognize the MTS Network and showing it as an unknown network. Then I googled again and did at least a dozen of methods to make my laptop identify the MTS Network. However, nothing worked.

(4) At last I found this solution by reading this post:

However, the main article (i.e. the first post ) of this link  did not work. What worked is the second link which suggests changing the Internet Protocol Version 4 properties. In short, we need to direct the network to obtain an IP address automatically. Here is what I mean in graphic details:-

Open Network and Sharing Centre
Open Network and Sharing Center by clicking on the list of available netwroks at your laptop


Click on the Wireless connection (connected with your laptop)


Click on Properties


Select (by clicking on) Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4)


Click on Properties


Check the radio button stating : Obtain and IP address automatically, Click OK

Just as you click OK, as if by a magic, your laptop will recognize the MTS Network. This is a very simple, straight forward and plain common sense solution to this problem. It worked for me like a charm and should work for a majority of you.

Please tell your experience by commenting below.


  1. There are always many simple problems like these with USB dongles, you should do a reset and reboot on the dongle. If the problem persists then reconnect the dongle with the computer, be re-inserting the password. Changing the password or the ssid of the wingle could also solve the problem. Your computer might have a collision of the network name; make sure that there are no two same ssid networks.


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