Guest Posting: The new frontier of link building

Guest Blogging is the most preferred way of creating links

In the old era of internet (prior to 2011 the year when Google started punishing the manupulative link building business of thousands of companies), getting backlinks from various websites was a piece of cake. There were zillions of article directories, web 2.0 sites and mass content publishing softwares to create backlinks for the websites.

However, the big Google was watching closely this rampant misuse of link creation. Instead of creating natural links, people were obtaining the links in hordes as if they were being manufactured on mass scale in a factory. So, in order to bring sanity and to ensure level playing field for all, Google started releasing its algorithm updates which almost overnight knocked out these manipulators’ website from its search index.

The message from Google was loud and clear- Don’t try to manipulate its ranking algorithm. Play by the rule and you will get accommodated. Else be prepare for extinction.

As such, for the past 8 years, the webmasters are in a constant battle with Google to adhere to its search ranking algorithm and finding new ways and means to rank their websites. While there have been many tactics/strategies adopted by search engine expert, one strategy that has stood the test of time in creating extremely powerful backlinks for a website is guest posting .

What is Guest Posting by the way?

In its simplest form, guest posting is all about being a guest author on a website you don’t own and publishing your article on that website with the consent of the website owner. In the guest article, you display your expertise about your niche and somewhere in the article, you suggest the readers to visit your website for more information about your product or services. Often, this suggestion is in the form of a link to your website.

In other words, a guest post is a type of vote of confidence for your website from a source you don’t own. This is something that Google loves. The whole philosophy of Google is to gather info about the most trusted websites and rank them in their order of relevancy. A guest post fulfills this criteria brilliantly. Once you start getting backlinks through your guest posts from sites with the high metrics, your site’s reputation improves in the eye of Google which finally results in better search engine ranking and more traffic to your website.

In the coming days, I will be writing more and more about this topic and will help you leverage the maximum power from your guest posting efforts. Stay tunes !


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