An update on full RSS feed and a video tutorial


After I wrote my full RSS feed post where I explain why & how you can ensure a full RSS feed for your blog, one of my friend told me that despite installing the full text feed plugin, his blog is still getting truncated at the point where he used <!––more––> tag. I got confused as to why it was happening. One reason that I found that it may be due to a cache issue and probably it’ll take some time to be full reflected in the RSS reader. However, on checking with another RSS reader, I still found his feed truncated.

So I searched Google for an answer..and found it 🙂

It’s very simple.

Just go to the Reading Option of your wordpress blog and in the Syndication feed option, choose ‘full text’.

See this screenshot :


Doing this will ensure a full RSS feed of your blog post.

I have also found a very effective video tutorial on this. Here is this video for all the newbies among you :

I hope you liked it.


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