I’m planning to buy backlinks, is it safe?


Since the year 1998 when Google began its journey to dominate the search engines world, , backlinks have remained one of the top-ranking factors in its search algorithm. There have been very rare instances of people who have created an excellent top ranking website without creating any backlinks . Therefore, if you want to succeed in the ranking war, you should try to get links from as many sources as possible.

Coming to the question of buying backlinks, I see this from a different perspective. If we only talk about the white hat methods of link building, we normally get a backlink by email outreach with a number of site’s owners . This requires getting involved in a lengthy conversation with the webmaster who may or may not choose to publish our article in his/her website. Moreover, when we propose our article idea with him, he may not like it and suggest a different topic. Then we have to write a new article and send the same for his approval. All these things take time. As such, getting a link through normal path of email outreach is a very time consuming one.

There comes the agents or the broker who facilitate the whole thing. They have already done the due diligence with the website owners about the kind of content he wants. Based on the overall web metric of the website (which includes its ranking, Domain Authority, average daily traffic, existing backlinks profiles etc) a deal is finalized between the webmaster and the potential guest blogger. The website owner gets the money as well as a unique and relevant article for free on his website, the guest blogger gets an opportunity to place his website’s link on an important web property, and the broker gets his commission. The biggest benefit is the saving of precious time. This method, though involve money, is an excellent way of getting quality backlinks.

With money, you can buy time. With time, you can earn money. So do an honest assessment of your possessions. If you only have time, go for the long route of email outreach. If you have money, save time and earn more money. If you have both i.e. time and money, then invest money and save time. The time saved will help you make more money.

As regards safety, it is very much safe if you buy links by exercising due diligence. Buy only from those websites which have a good standing and are relevant to your niche. Study their organic keywords report to check if they are ranking for some unethical keywords or not. Once you do your due diligence, you are ready ti negotiate the price. In all this process, please remember- you are not buying a back link per se. You are buying a place to publish your article so that you can spread awareness about your service or product to a wider audience. This is something which is absolutely perfect and safe.


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